Robuste Performance Standards

When we set out to build the Sonim phone, there were no standards for a phone this rugged. So we had to create them. Compiled from over ten years of feedback from customers that lead extreme and rugged lifestyles, the Rugged Performance Standards consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance that set the standard to which all rugged devices must live up to.


Lange Akkulaufzeit

For continuous use through multiple shifts

for over 8hrs of continuous talk time


Uniquely designed for ease of use with large or gloved hands

Widely spaced keys for ease of use with gloved hands

Leistungsstarke Audio

Never miss a call in noisy environments

Capable of producing upto 90db

Schutz von Mikropartikeln

completely sealed against the intrusion of dust and industrial micro-particles

Rated IP-6x Completely dust proof


Fully submersible in fresh and salt water at a deep of 6.5 ft for up to 30 min

Rated IP-6x Completely water submersible


Designed to be dropped onto concrete from any angle from atop a ladder

Tested For 6.5 FT drops onto concrete from any angle

Schock/Vibration beständig

Internal Components were designed to withstand the G-forces from sudden vibrations or impacts

Build to withstand impacts of upto 30G and vibrations form 5Hz-200Hz-5Hz


Build to last in the most extreme climates around then globe from the Arctic circle to the sahara desert

Operates in temperatures ranging from -5F to +130F

Beständig gegen extreme Druck

Built to withstand being driven over by heavy duty truck

withstands up to 1 ton pressure


Sonim`s double injected, fibreglass mix housing and it`s corning gorilla glass lens are extremely shock resistant

Will sustain a drop of a 1LB steel ball from 16 inches on the housing and 8 inches on the screen

Beständig gegen Öle und Chemikalien 

Design to be both resistant to the corrosive nature of oil and chemicals and to be easily cleanable with the right solvent

Tested Against dozen chemicals and oils

3 Jahre umfassenden Garantie 

Sonim will even cover accidental damage of the phone for the duration of 3 years.

3-Year Comprehensive Warranty

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