Sonim Safeguards Democratic National Convention Through Deployment of Ultra-Rugged Android Smartphones

2016-07-31, By Sonim Technologies

Company’s XP7 LTE Android devices deliver mission-critical data communications to public safety agencies

 SAN MATEO, Calif.– Jul. 30, 2016 – Sonim Technologies, manufacturer of the world's toughest and most rugged mobile phones, partnered with the New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) to equip the United States Coast Guard with 20 ultra-rugged LTE smartphones during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

During the event, which ran from July 25 to 28, the Coast Guard was tasked with securing the waterways in proximity to the Wells Fargo Center, the site of the Convention.  The State of New Jersey, a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant recipient, operates a portable Band Class 14 LTE network, known as “JerseyNet,” which they deployed for the DNC.  JerseyNet’s over-the-water coverage provided the United States Coast Guard with network connectivity and accessibility to other agencies through various applications dedicated to multi-agency radio communications interoperability.

To ensure the highest level of security, Federal, state and local authorities worked together for months to prepare for the Convention.  This undertaking required massive coordination efforts between agencies and the right technology solutions.  Sonim’s XP7 handset – a waterproof smartphone with built-in Band Class 14 connectivity, was the perfect solution for the Coast Guard vessels as they patrolled the Delaware River in support of the larger security operation. 

“The device provided mission critical communications during the DNC event. It was key to completing our mission,” said Coast Guard Senior Chief Edgardo Mateo, who was the Communications Unit Leader (COM-L) during the event.

“This again shows the versatility and capabilities of the XP7 smartphone using FirstNet 700MHz spectrum,” added Robert Escalle, Sonim’s Vice President of public safety. “We understand the conditions first responders have to work in and are focused on providing technology that will make them more effective, efficient and safe”.

Sonim is the first and only Tier One smartphone manufacturer to release a commercially available smartphone platform that enables first responders to get broadband access on both the FirstNet Band Class 14 spectrum and on commercial mobile networks. The XP7’s key strengths include its 4,800-milliamp hour battery, 40 hours of LTE-based talk time, extreme durability in hot, dusty and wet environments, visibility under direct sunlight and support for a wide range of Android applications.