Desktop Charger for Intrinsically Safe Sonim Feature Phones

Powerful: 4h charge time when both the phone and spare battery are simultaneously charging 

Versatile: External wall plug transformer with exchangeable plugs

Ready-to-use: no additional safety box needed 

Secure: Cradle housing with rubber feet plus optional fixed solution

User Friendly: Spare battery lock mechanism eliminates need to fasten screws while charging

Great Organizational Tool: Slots for Torx T8 IS Screwdriver (Zone 1/division 1 batteries) and flat screwdriver (Zone 2/division 2 & Generic battery covers)

Handy: Phone stays upright with keypad accessible while secured in cradle

Dimensions : 116 x 84 x 58 mm (4.6“ x 3.3“ x 2.3“) Weight: 132g (4.66 oz)

Output Voltage: 5V / max. 3100 mA

Operating Temperature: 0 °C - +40 °C (+32 °F - +104 °F)

Storage Temperature: -20 °C - +55 °C (-4 °F - +131 °F)

Compatible with Sonim XP5560 IS, XP5560 Bolt 2 IS, XP3410 IS, XP3440 IS, XP3300 IS


Model No. Desktop charger DCH

Part No. 0096962271794

UPC/EAN: 0096962271794

$ 159.95 

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