Replacement of XP7 4800mAh Battery


Replacement of XP7 4800mAh battery including 2-way 2nd day delivery shipment.
Sonim will replace your XP7 4800mAh battery and directly check your device. Any warranty covered defect or software update will directly be executed.
The new battery is covered under a 1 Year Limited Warranty independent of the remaining handset warranty. Our aim is to deliver back your device within 1 week after receipt at Sonim.
Countries: United States & Canada only
Part number: XP7BATREP
How it works:
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In the Cart Notes section ("Add a note for the seller") enter your Handset IMEI Number, which is located on the back of your XP7
Ensure your Contact Information (email & phone #) and Shipping Address is entered in your Account or Order

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