Sonim phones are professional power tools of communication that thrive on the construction site: crush, puncture, scratch and impact proof (including 2 meter drops onto concrete), they are completely impervious to dust and water submersible, resulting in low return rates, 3+ year in-service life and low Total Cost of Ownership.



Featuring near-instant Push-to-Talk with leading North American carriers, the high volume speakers, noise canceling microphone, and optional professional grade rugged PTT shoulder mike/speakers and headsets, are perfect for real time group communication for construction teams in noisy conditions who can eliminate separate two-way radios.



The bright outdoor viewable display, LED torch, rubber grips and keypad designed for gloved use provide real world usability.



Sonim's construction industry solutions also include lone worker/man-down safety protection and real time reporting through partner applications such as NoteVault, that eliminates client-contractor disputes by capturing verbal, visual and GPS information right from the job itself.

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